Untittled :3

A bit unusual for me to post something like this, but I felt that since the Ukrainian Revolution got so much attention from media, this should, too.

These photographs show protests in Crimea, which belongs to Ukraine.  Crimea has a pretty large population that are basically pro-Russia, and they don’t like the pro-EU revolution or the new government that came about in Ukraine. And so far, the situation is slowly getting worse over there.

  • Clashes broke out between pro-Euromaidan and pro-Russian protesters, with two confirmed dead so far.
  • Gunman have seized government buildings and two airports
  • The interim authorities of Ukraine put security forces on alert. So have Russia with their forces.
  • Russia has confirmed that they moved their troops into Crimea.

The situation over there is very worrying, just as much as the protests in Kiev…

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